About Me

Hi, my name is Paul Maloney and I am a freelance WordPress developer, front end developer and web designer from Liverpool, UK.

Why freelance? The eclectic nature of freelance work is extremely motivating and working in a world where no two days are the same ensures that there is always a new and exciting project to get stuck into.

Design is one of the key services I offer. A print designer before stepping into web over 12 years ago means I know the core principles of design in print and web and can deliver high quality design work that stands out above your competition.

WordPress is one of my passions due to the versatility of the platform which makes it possible to create almost anything. I enjoy everything from designing themes to writing custom plugins.

Front end development is my other great passion and my other key service area. I love to create clean, standards compliant websites with a focus on usability and accessibility, without forgetting the visuals and creatively designed user interfaces. Specialising in both web design and development ensures everyone I work with will benefit from a complete solution, built for them.

I work using SASS, HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP on a daily basis and also make use of other applications to ensure all of my work is completed to the highest standard. When it comes to design I use both Illustrator and Photoshop depending on the project. In development I make use of Grunt and Version Control with GIT.

Everything I create is 100% bespoke and designed strictly in line with your expectations and goals. I don’t use pre-designed templates or any pre-made solutions because your business has individual needs that deserve a custom solution.

I have a keen interest in user interface design and typography, which allows me to get creative in the design side of my work. This personal interest also ensures I am always up to date with the latest technologies and innovations and I’m ready to use these advances on the projects I work on.

I'm a designer, frontend developer and WordPress developer!

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