Entelechy is a flat fee-only financial life planning & investment management company.

The Mission

Entelechy got in touch to discuss a revamp of their site. The previous site has become dated and in need of greater functionality.


Entelechy already had some great branding so using that and elements of the previous design I created a clean and minimal look with strong typography whilst keeping it on brand.


The site is built on the WordPress platform so the site and it’s content could be managed much easier.


The site is fully content managed and easy for the team at Entelechy to update. The new code base is much lighter and has vastly improved page load times.

Services Provided






“I’m not sure how I found Paul, but I’m so glad I did. My business had a good brand identity but needed a better website to show it off after the premium WordPress theme I’d been using became too much to manage. Paul rebuilt the entire site from scratch with clean, custom code that is super easy for me to update on my end. The site is extremely fast and responsive now, and clients love it. I would enthusiastically recommend Paul to anyone looking for web development or design help.”

Ben Brown, Entelechy